Our Purpose

Our ultimate goal is to empower people to look at organisations and be able to compare them so that organisations can be valued by their real value creation.

We believe that, in a transparent world, a balanced distribution of the outcome produced by organisations and a stronger economic development for humanity as a whole (regardless of people’s location or activity) can lead to a better life. Similarly, enabling all members of the community to observe organisations and compare them with others, in an accountable and speculation-free system, so that they can determine the real economic value these organisations produce, creates a transparency that will necessarily enable people to build organisations characterised by a strong and positive economic development – balance and stability necessarily lead to more economic value.

Our hope is to enlighten people to get involved in a revolution, leading to a more sustainable model and, in turn, a fairer world. For organisations to become truly sustainable – we believe it is essential to create a new organisation model: a more cooperative CEO, a new way for people to cooperate inside the organisation and a new way for organisations to be measured by society.
To do so, we want to put under the spotlight organisations with a sincere intention to have a positive impact on any industry and by doing so, to put in the shadow the ones that tend to hide their real impact behind a “green veil”. Those malevolent organisations, tend to put profit above people, greed above needs and the rule of gold above golden rules without any concerns regarding the long-term management of their assets.
To that extent, the SORG Index is an effective tool to actually assess their intended value and impact and see if their sustainable intention is genuine or not. Being easily used and understood by everyone, SORG gives back to society the truth and power stolen by big corporations.
Once customers start to be conscious of the power they have, they will automatically choose Dolphin Organisations taking care of their resources. Therefore, Shark ones will only have one option left: change.